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CME Course on Yoga Therapy

Breath as the Transformative Power of Lifestyle and Health - March 12, 2022
Breathing, as the natural act of living, has been taken for granted. The correlation between breath and states of body and mind are not commonly recognized, even though now we know the mechanism whereby right breathing can have a restorative effect of the body and mind. While the impact of suitable breathing on the nervous system and stress has been well-researched, additional well-known impacts are the nitric oxide production and vasodilation, maintenance of body temperature, increase in the lymphatic flow, and even waste disposal. Breathing that induces vagal stimulation is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Recognizing sub-optimal breathing patterns, and utilizing types of breathing that promote health helps medical practitioners to provide non-invasive methods of health management. It can be used as complementary therapy and also as preventive medicine for health maintenance. This course presents the combined wisdom of neurologists, yoga therapists and other physicians from their years of experience.

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Measured Yoga Therapy Training

Measured Yoga Therapy (MYT) is a system of instantly validating the therapeutic effect of any practice with bio-meridian measurements. Measured Yoga Therapy is the unique development of Life in Yoga Institute, a member of CYAI, that combines the wisdom of yoga and traditional medicine systems (such as Ayurveda or Chinese system of meridians) with a scientific measurement approach. Thus, it becomes a bridge between modern medicine and traditional medicine systems. It has proven to be efficacious in many conditions that are incurable or difficult to manage, like autoimmune and chronic conditions.

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