Council for Yoga Accreditation International (CYAI) is a Global Forum that recognizes broad applications of yoga philosophy and approaches in many fields and is modeled as a knowledge integrator for global advancement.

Introduction to the Council

Since time immemorial knowledge of physical and emotional wellness has been a subject of human quest and exploration. With spiritual discovery at its core, various ancient civilizations, be it Greek, Chinese or that of Indus Valley, amongst others, contributed their wisdom to this knowledgebase that manifests itself in various forms. Yoga is one such ancient repository of wisdom and knowledge that crystallized in ancient India, and gave birth to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This represents the most comprehensive presentation of spiritual existence and the way to realize it.

Yoga, as is popular today, is understood mostly in physical terms with the larger influence of Hatha Yoga. However, the yoga of these ancient civilizations is much more. It’s a path to spiritual realization.

The conduit for the higher realization of yoga is the Naadi system. This not only becomes the pathway for spiritual realization, but also for physical and mental well-being. This is well recognized in the Tantra Yoga system and the Chinese bio-meridian system.

The quest of modern physics to understand the nature of universal existence has led to new scientific developments. One such method has been Electro-Photonic Imaging that has recently emerged, built on the research work of Germans and Russians since 1939.

CYAI is an initiative that explores the depths of these knowledge repositories, and discovers the commonalities amongst them. Its where traditional wisdom meets modern science.

CYAI is organized according to the following principles: :

  • Defining yoga in terms of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and having standards that are not only based on practice approaches.
  • Application of yoga focused on all aspects of life and scientific knowledge, including different cultures and medical sciences. The intent being better global health, and global peace through recognition of unity in the diversity of religious traditions.
  • Active integration of traditional medicine concepts like bio-meridians (Naadis in Yoga, Mai in Chinese Medicine) to track impact of practices.
  • Use of scientific measurement tools (like Electro-Photonic Imaging [EPI]) to enable objective measurement and analysis of yogic practices.
  • Membership opened globally to all who have an interest in existential knowledge enhancement. Individual and organizational membership is open to all who wish to learn and impact the knowledge development process. Among them some organizations may seek accreditation and some individuals may seek certification.
  • Board membership expanded to include scientific and spiritual experts irrespective of religious affiliations.

The Council has authorized 3 types of certification for individuals :

  • AYI – Accredited Yoga Instructor who is eligible to teach a specific yoga regimen in which s/he has been trained, in a manner that is safe.
  • AYT – Accredited Yoga Teacher who is certified as capable in customizing yoga exercises according to the need of an individual.
  • AYTh – Accredited Yoga Therapist who is certified as a specialist for remedial yoga therapy for specific disabilities or disease conditions.

All like minded individuals and institutions are encouraged to join this effort. Please click here to register for membership.