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Classes Offered by CYAI Institutions

Life in Yoga Institute in USA

Daily FREE Live Online Yoga Classes on Zoom and Youtube streaming
Offered at 7 am and 5:30 pm Eastern USA time daily, the two sessions are targeted to different needs.

Morning 7 am session is mat-based yoga with Hatha Yoga practices that also includes tantra-based sound vibrations. It is designed to make the person vibrant and ready for the day. It is suitable for people who hae reasonable physical capacity.

Evening 5:30 session is chair-based yoga that is designed to be gentle and essentially based on the Tantra system with incorporation of the Pranakriya approach along with sound vibrations, breathing practices and meditation. It is ideal for senior citizens and those with physical limitations.

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Sanjeev Krishna Yoga in Dubai, UAE

A variety of classes are offered that include:

Regular Hatha Yoga classes: general and separated for ladies;

Wellness Classes: general and Rhythm of Life;

Specialized classes: Prenatal Yoga and Kalaripayattu (martial art)

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