Membership Categories, Benefits, and Accreditation & Certification Fees


Membership is open to individuals and organizations.

Individual Membership - $25/year; $250 lifetime membership
Eligibility – anyone
Membership Benefits – Periodic Yoga related seminars and information dissemination

Associate Organizational Membership - $150/year
Eligibility – any organization
Membership Benefits – Same as individuals, but covers participation by 10 people from each organization

Primary Organizational Membership - $250/year
Eligibility – Primary Membership will consist of well-organized yoga institutions whose depth and breadth of yogic knowledge is established by peer recognition. The Board of CYAI will approve primary membership based on the following key elements: (a) depth of yogic curriculum; (b) breadth of offering in yogic curriculum; (c) research and publications of principals and associates of the institution; (d) other equivalent measures of competence.
Membership Benefits – Includes benefits of Associate members and also has voting rights to elect Board


October 4 2020 12:30 pm Eastern USA time on Zoom
Sanjeev Krishna of Dubai presents on KALARI-PAYATTU – the system on which Shaolin Kung Fu is based. Discussion of Marma and Naadi system relative to muscle control.
For Details of Program Content and Speaker: Document Click here.
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November 21 2020 12 pm Eastern USA time on Zoom
Relevance and Methods of Yoga Application for Emotional Wellness in Current Pandemic This is a Continuing Medical Education course. Attendance is FREE. See Details by Document Clicking here.

January 17 2021 12 pm Eastern USA time on Zoom
History and Development of Electro-Photonic Imaging for Naadi Assessment and Application in Yoga Therapy – presented by Rajan Narayanan

February 21 2021 12 pm Eastern USA time on Zoom
Yoga Practices versus Yoga Experience: Relevance of Quality Certification


Fees for accreditation of organizations and certification of individuals is based on approximate cost recovery for the service. Following are fee ranges for these services:

• Accreditation fees for Yoga Institutions - $500 to $5,000 depending on nature of audit at the time of initial or renewing accreditation
• Yoga certification exam and certification - $200 to $500 depending on whether from accredited institution or otherwise
• Certification renewal between $75 to $225 every 3 years

Document CYAI By-laws
Life In Yoga Institute

Life in Yoga Institute combines teaching, research and therapy of yoga in a unique way. It brings all aspects of yoga based on the Yoga Sutras with a scientific focus in its Life in Yoga 5-3-1 Approach. Following are the services of Life in Yoga:
 Teaches accredited CME courses for Doctors and Medical Professionals
 Trains teachers of Yoga
 Provides Individual Consulting for stress management or any specific therapy
 Conducts Yoga Retreats and General Courses on Yoga
 Conducts free weekly yoga sessions in many temples in the Washington area.
The support for all of these is the on-going research of yoga texts and life sciences and other scientific works. The key principals of Life in Yoga are Dr. Dilip Sarkar, Dr. Rajan Narayanan and Mr.Ramesh Deshpande. Dr. Sarkar, a physician and former medical school professor, serves as the Chair of the Board of the Life in Yoga Institute, and is a renowned national speaker on Yoga and an expert on Yoga Therapy in the United States. Mr. Ramesh Deshpande, a retiree from The World Bank, is a benefactor who supports the efforts of Life in Yoga as the Chair of the Life in Yoga Foundation. Dr. Narayanan serves as the Executive Director of both the Institute and Foundation and takes responsibilities for management of all activities, including curriculum development teaching, therapy and research.