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List of Member Institutions from all over the world.

Amrit Yoga Institute

Founded by Yogi Amrit Desai, the Amrit Yoga Institute is located in the heart of the Ocala National Forest near Salt Springs, Florida. It is a serene and secluded setting – ideal for its intensive and innovative studies. Students are able to immerse themselves in a yogic lifestyle of practice and seva in a supportive environment at its lakeside retreat center.
Immigrating to the U.S, Yogi Desai began teaching in the 1960s, and founded three yoga centers, including the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health which grew to become one of the largest residential yoga centers in North America. Today at age 80, he is in residence at the Institute, a rare blessing for seekers. He continues to take an active role in teaching and refinement of his courses. The Integrative Amrit Methods (I AM) of Yoiga, Yoga Nidra and Quantum Breath Meditation has its foundation in Patanjali’s Eight-limbed Yoga, combining hatha and raja yoga into a single holistic practice. It has become so widely adopted that it is currently taught by more than 6,000 yoga teachers in 40 countries worldwide.
The Institute offers 200- and 500-hour Amrit Yoga® Teacher Training (Level I and Level II). The system developed by Yogi Desai is currently taught by more than 5,000 yoga teachers in 37 countries worldwide. His innovative methodology expands the popular practice of yoga to access the spiritual dimension in an easy-to-assimilate approach.
Gurudev’s refinement of Kripalu Yoga is now offered as Amrit Yoga, the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, the Quantum Breath Meditation, Prana Awakening, Turiya-the 4th State, and Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Advanced trainings of Amrit Method at the Amrit Yoga Institute provide Continuing Education Credits (CEs) for various professional disciplines and incorporate the Integrative Amrit Methods (the I AM techniques), which are powerful therapeutic tools for healing and rejuvenation. As Director of Education and the Lineage Holder, Amritji’s daughter, Kamini Desai, was honored at Amritji’s eightieth birthday celebration with the title of Yogeshwari.
Amritji has been repeatedly honored and recognized as a pioneer in bringing the authentic teachings of yoga to the West. Among his numerous prestigious titles are Doctor of Yoga by H.H. Jagadaguru Shankaracharya and the Vishwa Yoga Ratna by the President of India. Gurudev was nominated for the Padmashree Award by the late Chandra Shekhar. The World Religious Parliament, established by Swami Vivekananda, awarded him the title of Jagadacharya in New Delhi in 1986 for following in the footsteps of the great masters that preceded him. For information about programs or residential opportunities, contact

AHYMSIN - Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International

Founded by Swami Veda Bharati, AHYMSIN is a worldwide organization registered as a non-profit that is dedicated to making available and teaching the Himalayan Yoga Tradition as taught by Swami Rama of the Himalayas. The organization has in excess of 55 chapters worldwide in over 23 countries with 16 chapters in North America alone. The worldwide headquarters is located in Rishikesh, India. Mahamandaleshwara Dr. Swami Veda Bharati serves as the Spiritual Guide.Activities include teaching the science of yoga, carrying out research and publication in the field of yoga and related branches of knowledge and performing acts of charity for the benefit of humanity.

Atmalaya Institute

Established by Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda of the Brighu Rishi Paramparai of Dr. Swami Gitananada Giri, the Atmalaya® Institute for yogic studies & conscious living is focused on propagating Classical Ashtanga Yoga as a path to Self Realization and spiritual living. Committed to delivering traditional Yoga education, the Atmalaya® Institute integrates timeless teaching techniques with modern applications while upholding rigorous standards for their faculty and students. In conjunction with our non profit sister organization, the Yoga Sadhana Foundation, it is our mission to facilitate human potentiality and personal Self Mastery by serving the divine in everyone through the Yogic concept of Seva as Sadhana.
The Atmalaya Institute is based in Calgary Canada and offers online courses as well as primarily being focused on Yogic education in the following areas:
 100-1000 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Certification, Diploma, & Degree Programs. 200hr AYI & 500hr AYT Accreditation
 Online Yoga Theory Courses & Certifications
 Yoga Psychology: “S.E.L.F.” Coaching & Counseling Certifications
 Public & Private Yoga Classes, Seva Projects, Yoga Therapy, Retreats, Mantra Workshops, Yogic Spiritual Coaching & Counselling
 Pranic Activation & Healing Course & The Atmalaya® Meditation Program.

Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati

Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati is an initiative of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , an educational institution of national eminence, established by Kulpati Dr. K. M Munshi in 1938. Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati has an experience of 55 years since established in 1958. It is actively engaged in holistic training under the guidance of respected Dr. M.L. Shrikant, Chairman-Bhavan’s Campus, Andheri.
Under active advice of Yogacharya Dr. Hansraj Yadav, Prof. of S.P. Jain Institute of Management Research (Yoga) and Director of Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati, dedicated and highly motivated team of expert faculty has formulated a comprehensive practical system of self-culture which through changeable psychic potencies ultimately leads to physical well being, mental harmony, moral evaluation and habituation to spiritual consciousness.
The institution is committed to provide scientific, preventive and curative care within the reach of every individual in the society through ideology, technology and philosophy of yoga. The main aim is to make yoga socially relevant science by using the modern tools of scientific research. Main Objectives of Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati:
 To promote positive good health through ancient Indian system of Yoga
 Unraveling hidden dimensions of human potential
 Integrated personality development through yoga
 Yoga therapy for modern ailments
 Yoga for corporate sector to deal with stress & tensions
 To train teachers of yoga to teach in schools, colleges and corporate sector. Bhavan’s Yoga Bharati through its ongoing research has put together psycho-physical and psycho-spiritual program for fitness and realization of mental potentialities.

Dev Sanskriti Vishwa Vidyalay

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya is situated in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India at the foothills of the Himalayas in the vicinity of the holy Ganges. It was established in 2002. Surrounded by lush Himalayan vegetation, the campus is spread over 80 acres of flat land and is equipped with an excellent infrastructure and dedicated faculty, staff and knowledge seeking students. The university is duly recognized by the University Grants Commission, India and is privately financed by Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust, a renowned socio-spiritual organization. A unique concept of Samaydaan or Time donation also distinguishes the University from traditional Universities.

Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya was established to meet the urgent need for a high quality educational system based on scientific spirituality and grounded in a spiritual life style. Cultivating a culture of ethical, moral and spiritual transformation of youth is DSVV’s first priority. Excellence in character, indomitable courage, firm determination and an intense love for labor are the traits of our students. The institution not only trains its students in the technical aspects of their careers but also develops in them a social conscience and an instinct for simple living. Under the guidance of experts and mentors, DSVV students cultivate a holistic and service-oriented approach to life that will serve them throughout their careers and beyond. In its every facet, Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya demonstrates service to the humanity regardless of nationality, race, religion or faith, and imparts the true knowledge for the development of divinity and wisdom in mankind, essential to both the inner cultivation of human virtue and to meeting the material needs of peace, progress and prosperity.

International Centre for Yoga Education and Research

This Yoga Education and Research Centre of international repute was established in 1967 with Pondicherry as its International Headquarters and has affiliated centres all over the world. It was founded by the world-renowned Guru and Ashtanga Yoga exponent Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj, one of the most significant Yogis of the twentieth century. ICYER publishes books on Yoga and Indian Cultural arts, a monthly International journal "Yoga Life" and offers a 52-Lesson Correspondence Course in Yoga. Its main service is the conducting of a Six Month International Yoga Teachers Training Course from October 2nd through March 25th each year. This Internationally Recognized Yoga Training Course has been held each year without a break since 1968. ICYER now also offers a One-Year International Diploma in Yoga Education instituted from October 2001. The Director and Ashram Acharya is Ammaji, Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani. An internationally acclaimed expert on Rishiculture Ashtanga Yoga (Gitananda Yoga), she has lived a ‘life of Yoga’ for the past 45 years and is an inspiration to thousands of seekers around the world. A prolific author, she edits the International Yoga Journal ‘Yoga Life’ and has served as Yoga expert on numerous councils in the Health and Education ministries of the Government of India. Her magnum opus is her recently published monumental exposition of the “History of Yoga from Ancient to Modern Times”.


Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute was established in the year 1924 by Rev Swami Kuvalyananda to carry our Scientific & Philosophico Literary Research, Training and Therapy in Yoga. The institute is aided by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India and State of Maharashtra. It was permanently recognized as an institute of Higher Learning by the Ministry of Education, Government of India in theyear 1962, it has permanent affiliation to the Pune University as a Research Institute, and it has been recognized as a Scientific Research Institute by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Organization under Ministry of Science and Technology. The institute has a rich legacy of its students, amongst whom are Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Motilal Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Shri. Madan Mohan Malviya,Dr.H.V.Kamath and others.

Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation

Headquartered in Chennai, India, the Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation (KHYF) is a scientifically oriented professional organization that represents the living teaching of Yogacharya T Krishnamacharya. Yogacharya, an epitome of the holistic discipline “Yoga” rewrote the history of yoga by making it relevant once again with his indomitable spirit. TKV Desikachar, continues his father’s legacy and is considered as one of the leading healers of our times and the torch bearer of his father’s teachings into current generation. To share the teachings of his father he founded Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in 1976. Today this centre has become a Mecca for yoga purists in and around the world. Currently, his son Dr. Kausthub Desikachar, founder of Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation, an umbrella organization of Krishnamcharya Yoga Mandiram is leading the yoga tradition of his grandfather Yogacharya Krishnamacharya and his father TKV Desikachar. He is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, yoga therapist, a patron of British wheel of Yoga and also advisor to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). There are currently 1600 distinguished KHYF members who hold various kinds of certification from KHYF. KHYF is proud of its growing registry of members who actively strive to share the teachings of Yogacharya Krishnamacharya and are good examples of the high standards of yoga he represents.

KHYF networks Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teacher Trainers and Yoga Therapists, practicing under the stringent quality standards of the ancient tradition. The KHYF Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist programs are unique as it is supported by the educational, clinical, and research resources of the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram – the only Yoga Therapy Center of its kind in the world. The KHYF is pioneering the role of yoga in complimentary health care.

Life In Yoga Institute

Life in Yoga Institute combines teaching, research and therapy of yoga in a unique way. It brings all aspects of yoga based on the Yoga Sutras with a scientific focus in its Life in Yoga 5-3-1 Approach. Following are the services of Life in Yoga:
 Teaches accredited CME courses for Doctors and Medical Professionals
 Trains teachers of Yoga
 Provides Individual Consulting for stress management or any specific therapy
 Conducts Yoga Retreats and General Courses on Yoga
 Conducts free weekly yoga sessions in many temples in the Washington area.
The support for all of these is the on-going research of yoga texts and life sciences and other scientific works. The key principals of Life in Yoga are Dr. Dilip Sarkar, Dr. Rajan Narayanan and Mr.Ramesh Deshpande. Dr. Sarkar, a physician and former medical school professor, serves as the Chair of the Board of the Life in Yoga Institute, and is a renowned national speaker on Yoga and an expert on Yoga Therapy in the United States. Mr. Ramesh Deshpande, a retiree from The World Bank, is a benefactor who supports the efforts of Life in Yoga as the Chair of the Life in Yoga Foundation. Dr. Narayanan serves as the Executive Director of both the Institute and Foundation and takes responsibilities for management of all activities, including curriculum development teaching, therapy and research.


Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana or S-VYASA is a Yoga University declared deemed-to-be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 vide Notification Number F.9-45/2001-U.3 dated 8/5/2001 of the Government of India. Yoga Research and Yoga Therapy are the two Yoga fields which S-VYASA has poured life into! Over the years, S-VYASA has been substantiating scientific validation through Research at S-VYASA. More than 150 papers have been published which have all been indexed in Medline and/or Psychlit/Psychinfo. S-VYASA has carried itself as a Centre of Advanced Research (CAR) in Yoga and Neurophysiology, accredited by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). S-VYASA also houses one-of-its-kind Yoga Therapy Home with a 250-bed inpatient treatment facility called Arogyadhama. This is a Yoga Research Health Home which has been envisioned for prevention and treatment of Diseases, long-term rehabilitation and for Promotion of Positive Health. Yoga Courses at S-VYASA Yoga University are recognized by the University Grants Commission, Government of India. There are 50 PhDs, 100 MScs, and over 350 students in various branches. 6 PhDs and 2 MDs have been awarded from the University, 1 from HUA, 6 from Bangalore University. Yoga programs at SVYASA are divided into five Divisions: Yoga-Spirituality, Yoga and Life Sciences, Yoga and Physical Sciences, Yoga and Management Studies, Yoga and Humanities. S-VYASA campus is 32 kms away from Bangalore. The campus is called Prashanti Kutiram, the Abode of Peace. Lying in the lap of nature amidst greenery, the campus lies sprawling over 100 acres. The campus is about 15 kms from the bountiful Bannerughatta National Park. S-VYASA has an exhaustive Yoga Library with a good collection of 15000 books, videos and books SVYP (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Prakashan) is the publication wing of S-VYASA. We have about 35 titles, Videos and Audios. Svyasa has, over the years, standardized such Advanced Yoga techniques as CM (Cyclic Meditation), PET (Pranic Energisation Technique), MSRT (Mind Sound Resonance Technique), MEMT (Mastering the Emotions Technique), MIRT (Mind Imagery Technique), VISAK (Vignana Sadhana Kausalya) and ANAMS (Anandamrita Sinchana). International Yoga Conferences at S-VYASA have been very popular in attracting some of the best Academia IJOY or International Journal of Yoga has been officially launched and will soon be indexed. On the IJOY website, one can read entire research papers published freely. We are hoping to make this journal a platform to bring together all researches by all Schools of Yoga!


The Sanatana Dharma Yoga School was founded in 1977 by Madhavacharya (Manuel Paz), a disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and Jnana Dhata of the SUDDHA DHARMA MANDALAM, and was registered at the Spanish Home Office as a non-profit association on 7 June 1983.
Its main goals are:
-1st Spreading the knowledge of Yoga in accordance with the SUDDHA DHARMA or Eternal Law, so that the purity of Yoga is preserved and all beings attain PEACE, HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY.
-2nd Training highly skilled Yoga Teachers capable of spreading the knowledge of the SUDDHA DHARMA and the means to Realise it all over the world.
Once the disciple has attained moral maturity (YAMA), the teaching at the School is carried out on the basis of three principles: -1st BHAVANA: the study of the Atman, Yoga Bhrama Vidya -the Science of Union with Bhraman-; the surrender to Atman in order to reach it and Realise it. (NIYAMA) -2nd KARMA: the techniques and practices which are necessary to reach and Realise the ATMAN (ASANAS, PRANAYAMA, PRATYAHARA, KRIYAS). -3rd DHYANA: techniques and practices for meditation (DHARANA, DHYANA, SAMADHI).
Teacher training is currently carried out through two one-year courses in accordance with the provisions of the Official Spanish Gazzete on 4-Aug- 2011 on the Royal Decree 1034/2011 of 15 July, and the regulations of the CYAI. The first course leads to the diploma of Yoga Instructor (AYI) and the second one leads to the diploma of Yoga Teacher (AYT). Since the school started working in 1977 and to date, it has trained 1030 Yoga teachers, who spread the knowledge of Yoga all over the Spanish territory.
The School has also set up a Yoga Teachers Association for the support and thorough protection of the activities of its members. Yoga teachers at the School may be promoted to the Order of Acharyas (Masters), on the basis of their merits over time. Order of Acharyas are in four levels.
The Sanatana Dharma School performs its teaching through over 60 yoga centres in Spain and one in France (Hendaye), and its headquarters are located at the SANATANA DHARMA Ashram in Zestoa, Gipuzkoa, 20740, Spain.
Apart from the Yoga teaching and teacher training, some other courses are taught at the School: Personal Growth, Flower Therapy and Ayurvedic Medicine.

The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute, Santacruz (East), Mumbai, India was founded in 1918 by Shri Yogendraji and is the oldest organized centre of Yoga in the world. Shri Yogendraji, as a young college student, studied Yoga at Paramahamsa Madhavadasaji's ashram in Malsar, Gujrat. From the beginning, he was a non-conformist and learned by direct experience from his Guru. Upon completion of his training, he brought the benefits of Yoga suitably packaged for the common man, instead of keeping it a secret for very few. Impressed by him, a prominent citizen of Mumbai, Mr. Masani offered him his house in Versova (in Mumbai) as an ashram. That was the birth of The Yoga Institute. In 1920, he set up an Institution on Bear Mountain in Harriman, New York, where he stayed for four years. Returning to India he continued his yoga work while taking care of his family responsibilities. While the work continued in various locations over the next two decades, the permanent headquarters of the Institute at Santacruz East in Mumbai India was established only in 1947.
In time, Shri Yogendraji’s elder son Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra, (MA in Sanskrit & Prakrit, PhD in Samkhya & Yoga) took up the Directorship of The Yoga Institute and introduced several courses, conducted pioneering work in Yoga Education and Therapeutics with Government of India bodies. Today Hansaji serves as the Director. The simplicity, sincerity and non commercial angle draws many people and today more than a thousand people come to the Institute daily. The courses also include Health camps for several health conditions like Cardiac problems and Hypertension, Respiratory problems, Diabetes, Orthopedic conditions and Stress related problems. Some Personal Growth workshops foster on the concepts of Self Development, Concentration, Relaxation and Mind and Memory Training. These topics are based on the Samkhya principles of the Bhavas or attitudes which have to be inculcated. The teacher training programmes have been conducted since 1954. Many individuals come from all over the world and have set up their own centers after being trained at the Institute.

The Yoga Portuguese Confederation

The Yoga Portuguese Confederation is a non-profit Philosophical Institution, which aims to internationally represent the Yoga, Traditional and unaltered, taught in Portugal. With this aim, it has as purpose to confederate the Portuguese and Supra Continental Yoga Federations that respect the principles of the Traditional Yoga, being the largest Yoga Institution in Portugal.
Its origins date back to the foundation of 1979 and having as President HH Jagat Guru Amrta Súryánanda Mahá Rája, Great International Yoga master, its founder and supervisor, one of the most renowned Yoga Masters.
Has as Mission the Regulation of the Yoga teaching in Portugal, of its Official Programs, duration of Training, and Levels of Training of Professionals, as well as respective Evaluations, Updates, and Supervision, and also the Technical quality Standards, Philosophical and Deontological.
It excels for the Excellency of its Yoga Teacher’s Training Program - Special Superior Yoga Course (CESYO):
• 6 years – 6.500 hours of efective training, to form Yoga Instructors;
• Plus 4 years, in a total of 10 years, to form Yoga Professors; and
• More 4 years, in a total of 14 years, to train Yoga Masters.
The Yoga Portuguese Confederation also attributes the curricular title of “Grand International Yoga Master” to Yoga Masters who present World Work, Path, and Labor.
In 2001 it proposed to the UN/UNESCO the creation of the World Yoga Day, aiming to be the first global day without any bloodshed in the entire Planet. This Day is a candidate to be the First World Holiday – IN A COSMIC AUSPICE – SUPRA CULTURAL – A SOLSTICE. Signed on the Solstice, June, 21st, the longest day of the Northern Hemisphere (were the largest mass of Continents, and therefore of Civilization, is located), it is the day when is exalted Light, Wisdom, Inter-Ethnical Fraternity, the Love for the Planet, Awareness of the Cosmic surrounding.
The candidacy of Portugal to the WORLD YOGA DAY institution already counts with the impressive support of the Highest National and International Individualities, and was already Proclaimed by the main Yoga Lineages and Schools in India, in December 2011, in Bengaluru, India, at the Art of Living Foundation.

YogaLife Institute

Discover Better Living with Yoga and Meditation. Come practice with us and experience the YogaLife difference. Learn How to Live a Healthy Yoga Lifestyle at the YogaLife Institute with Bob & Kristen Butera and other hand selected Yoga and Health Professionals.